Safety is non-negotiable

At BroadWorld Integrated Services Limited (BroadWorld), we believe that sustainable success can be reached only through people. No other asset in the company is as important as the people that contribute with their work to our culture and our business results. Therefore, we devote all the necessary energy and attention to protect employees, contractors and any other people involved with the company along the value chain, including suppliers, customers and the public.
This Policy on Safety and Health at Work is based on the BroadWorld Corporate Business Principles and the BroadWorld Management and Leadership Principles, which are binding for the whole BroadWorld Group.

To be at the forefront of accident prevention in the industry, we implement in all our sites the mandatory BroadWorld Occupational Safety and Health Management System, which meets or exceeds the requirements of the health and safety laws applicable in the countries in which we operate
Strong safety and health organization
BroadWorld believes that accidents are preventable and therefore “one accident is one too many”. We integrate Safety and Health in the management of our business in such a way that all activities are considered with a perspective of prevention of all types of accidents and protection of the people at work. To advance a strong safety culture that effectively prevents accidents, we establish local safety and health organisations that provide specialist advice to managers and employees.
We commit to perform systematic identification of hazards and to manage them with appropriate risk assessments and subsequent actions to minimise danger. We establish emergency and contingency plans to deal with residual risks. This approach also minimises threats to the business, protecting our shareholders’ interests.

Continuous improvement
Our Occupational Safety and Health management system is based on the concept of continuous improvement. We improve constantly our performance by designing and adapting processes, work practices and systems in the direction of better ergonomics and greater safety.
We base our improvement on the monitoring of safety and health performance as well as on the analysis of incidents that produce injuries and of workplace activities whose cumulative effects may lead to illnesses.

Leadership and participation
BroadWorld recognises the critical role of senior management to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. As an integral part of managing the business, BroadWorld managers – at all levels – are accountable for managing workplace health and safety with strong leadership and credibility. Their annual objectives include a contribution to the safety culture and performance. To reinforce an already strong safety culture, BroadWorld sets ambitious goals and high standards, as part of its Occupational Safety and Health management process.

At the same time, BroadWorld judges that employee involvement is indispensable to establish and maintain safety and health in the workplace. Respect of safety principles, standards and procedures is a condition of employment. Conversely, employees are empowered to: – challenge any unsafe acts they see or perceive; – put a task on hold if they judge that safety is not adequate, until a competent person takes appropriate risk control measures. Employees are responsible for working in a safe manner to prevent injury to themselves, fellow workers and other persons. They are asked to become actively involved in programmes to improve health and safety performance in the workplace.
Behavioural approach

BroadWorld attributes the highest importance to people’s behaviours as the main factor for the prevention of accidents. We believe that every time an accident occurs, the root causes can be traced to someone’s behaviour. Therefore, BroadWorld implements programmes that encourage employees to engage in dialogue – with peers and management – about safe and at risk behaviours.
Communication, education and training

BroadWorld builds a proactive safety culture by: – driving the implementation and continual improvement of the BroadWorld Occupational Safety and Health Management System through communication with employees, contractors and other stakeholders; – educating, training and equipping employees to ensure that they are empowered to avoid unsafe situations and to respond rapidly to unexpected events; – influencing training and educatio s; – influencing training and education of contractors, suppliers and community
Implementation, certification and audits

BroadWorld’s business model is based on the creation of shared value for the company and the society. With our work to foster our company’s safety culture – for example through safe driving programmes for employees and contractors – we also act on the safety culture of the communities in which we operate, both by giving an example of commitment and by reducing accidents during business outside our sites.

BroadWorld organisations in the different countries in which we operate: – communicate with local communities and their emergency services, providing them with adequate health and safety information on our operations; – ensure that contractors and other third parties entering BroadWorld sites have sufficient relevant information and training and are properly equipped to execute safely their tasks; – regard health and safety management as an important consideration in supplier and contractor selection; – encourage employees to apply their safety and health learnings in their private life, at home and during leisure.